VMware View 4 Deep Dive

Четверг, 2 сентября 2010, 16:44

Вполне годная статья для общего понимания продукта в блоге Scott Lowe.


View Composer has a limit of eight ESX/ESXi hosts in a cluster. This is a VMFS limit involving the number of hosts that are accessing a read-only file at the same time

This is new to View 4.5 and it allows you to store the replica on SSD/EFD for maximum performance but place the linked clone on slower-performing storage

View terminology appears to be changing again; what was once the user data disk is now called the persistent disk

VDMAdmin.exe is a tool provided with View Manager; it was necessary with previous versions of View to attach/detach user data disks. Persistent disks (the equivalent in View 4.5) can be managed directly inside the View Manager GUI.

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